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Thursday, August 20, 2009
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Monday, May 25, 2009
Week of 5/25/09. Workouts. changes this week. Hazel's Chi Running Class for those peaking for Dipsea.

>Congrats to those who ran for the Club at MMD10K: a perfect weather day and no wind! I'll do those results later (been a long day); it's been a long two days. We had a lead pack of 4-5 runners who held sub-5'

5/26/09. 6:30am. TEMPO group. CHINA CAMP. new routine for you.
Warmup to 2M, then 2-3 1/2M; 3.5-4M easy 8-8:30 pace; 4-6.5 do strong temp; 6.5-7 easy half mile, 7-9 tempo; 9-9.5 easy, then 9.5M - 10M pickup.

5/26/09. TUESDAY. (Split routine for this day). 9am group. EASY TEMPO/RECOVERY run
after doing MMD 10K and those not doing Dipsea; those in Dipsea mode will go to Old Mill Park.

5/26/09. TUESDAY. Group B will go for DIPSEA , meet at Old Mill Park - for one of the last hardest efforts on the course. Take it to the swoop and back. On the way back, after crossing the Creek, then the parking lot tak the paved road, the way you drive out of Muir Woods in stead of taking Suicide. Gives you a practice on pushing an uphill after a long downhill when your quads are a bit trashed ( an Insult Hill effort, only longer).

5/29/09 and 6/3 and 6/6:
Special ChiRunning Basic and Hill Running Workshops & Tune-ups: May 29, 30, June 3, 6 and more
Which letter of the alphabet can improve your running? Just ask Hazel Wood, Certified ChiRunning Instructor. Hazel is offering some special classes before the Dipsea and throughout June that include the latest technique enhancements from Danny Dreyer, a former Tamalpan, and the founder of ChiRunning.
If you have never taken a ChiRunning class, the elements of the technique will improve your ease, energy and efficiency running – both on the hills and on the flat. Just ask Sunny Blende. As you taper towards Dipsea this is a good time to take a class. Hazel is offering several options including Thursday mornings starting May 28th and half-day workshops on May 30, June 6, June 20 for people who have never taken ChiRunning or for people who would like a complete refresher. Second (or third timers) get an extra discount. The Hill Workshops are for people who have already taken a ChiRunning class and want to improve their time on the hills.
Pre-registration required. Contact Hazel directly at 415-342-7093 or for the special deals and full schedule (rates are too low to publish on her website and are just for Tamalpa members). Options include mornings, evenings and weekends. Create your own group if you want.Hazel Wood
Glow with Health, Energy and Beauty
Sunday, May 17, 2009
Week of 5/18/09. Workouts for this week: the buildup for MMD10K, Dipsea and basic hill repeats and track continues! See Thursday for speaker at Book Passage..If you missed Dipsea training tips, review last week's blog.. Likely DIPSEA run and BBQ on 5/25/09, Memorial Day evening;see below.

>Check out ARCH RIVAL in Bon Air and Mill Valley for the new trail shoes by NB, Asics, Montrail, Adidas and other companies as you prep for the big Dipsea. Our apparel buyer, Cary, at our Bon Air store has also brought in more Prana, Dude Girl, Under Armour, and Nike apparel for active and practical wear..

> Remember, if you are not in the Dipsea you can run the DSE Practice Dipsea on 6/7/09: inexpensive, not crowded and you get to test yourself against the course with others for a Dipsea experience. starts at 8am, Old Mill Park, fee $10, find own way back (I'll be driving my van), but there are buses running at 10:15, I believe. See: .

> For those of you in my track workout group at 9am, check out the June 2009 article in Runners World on track training: on the left page, p. 68 on the page of "Speed Rules", bottom right is an interesting piece of advice on track rules. Let me know Th if you caught it.

5/19/09. TUESDAY. 6:30am TEMPO from YMCA.
Will be an exploratory, mileage run and some pickups thrown in.

5/19/09. TUESDAY, 9am group. HILL REPEATS/TEMPO group. Tenn Valley group.
Meet at Tenn Valley innner parking lot. We'll have you run warm-up out towards the beach, the trail on the left, come back clockwise with pickups to where I'll be standing; then easy until you reach the pavement. Then it's pickup to the parking lot. We'll do some repeats on Marincello and that's it.

5/21/09. THURSDAY, 7PM. "Born To Run" by author Christopher McDougall at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista, Corte Madera. Author tells of his experiences running with the Tarahumara Indians who wear little more than Firestone sandals for their ultra running events that's part of their culture. Do we need those expensive shoes? Should be interesting.

5/21/09. THURSDAY. 6:30am, 7am & 9am. TRACK at COM.
New folks: meet in back gravel free parking lot, you'll meet others for the warmup run.
Let's see if we can get that 6:30am group there to also help Sam with his workouts for lacrosse.
A/B groups:
2 X 600 (200)
4 x 1000 (200)

Novice groups;
200 (200),
400 (on 3')
600 (200)
1000 (200)
600 (200)
400 (3')
200 (200)

Then, both groups run stridouts, barefoot on the grass to strenthen feet muscles.

5/23/09. SATURDAY. 8am. ED's TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
After the usual warmup run and stridouts:
A/B groups:
2 x 600 (200)
2 x 1000 (200)
1 x 800

Novice and lower mileage groups:
200 (200)
400 then on 3') to next interval:
600 (200)
1000 (200)
600 (200)
400 (on 3')
200 (200)
finish with barefoot pickups on the grass to strengthen feet muscles.

5/23/09. SATURDAY, 7:30am HILL REPEATS/XFIT Exercises. McGinnis Park at hill behind sewage treatment plant. Newly marked for Sprint, Short, Half, Full repeats. Provides great warmup /cooldown mileage on the levees.

5/25/09. MONDAY about 4pm. Dipsea practice run. Meet at Old Mill Park, MV.
It's light later now so we're ready to have our group members and some of the young people who are in Dipsea get in a practice run. It may be hot, but Cary says "Suck it up and tough it out" just bring water along... I plan to cook some chicken on the BBQ pits at Stinson Beach park; others can bring pasta/pesto, high quality homemade cookies and fruit salad..we'll keep it simple; seems to work best.
Real men and women run the MMD10K in the am and then
...let me know if you are going and need a ride ( Remember to have small bag with change of shirt, long pants, jacket -just in case it's cold at the beach.
Some of you will run to Cardiac and back, but running with some friends will make it better quality and more fun....REMEMBER to email me if you need a ride.,
Sunday, May 10, 2009
dWeek of 5/11/09. Workouts for this week. Lots going on with MMD10K and Dipsea prep, so look for last minute new or changes in workouts here.
I won't be doing the Dipsea course/post run get together at Stinson week very likely.

> KETTLEBELL one day training class on JUNE 6,2009 at Marin Nautilus from 2-5pm. Learn the details of the key lifts, swings and core moves. For details go to: http://www.kettlebell/ . It's in Sausalito and should be worth doing and available in Marin!
Here's your chance to get the basics.

> WANTED! A woman runner and two men to run in a coed Centipede for this Sunday's BAY TO BREAKERS at an easy pace (10 minute miles). There's some 13 runners in a centipede, so if a couple are missing, it's incomplete for the event. Contact: SHAYNA ESKEW at 454-7006 or . Will help the group a lot! it's a blast to run in a centipede if you haven't tried it and you get: start up near the front, and I think she has some of the entry fees covered. yes, Bay to Breakers is this Sunday!...should be televised also.

5/12.09. TUESDAY. 6:30am. TEMPO,China Camp (Buck's Landing area)
2 Mile warmup, then 2,4,6 or 8M tempo at half marathon race pace. We'll do 1.5M pickup; then .5M easy; repeat to end.

5/12/09. TUESDAY, 9am. HILL REPEATS. Tenn Valley group.
Meet at church parking lot across from fruit stand truck. Solid hill training to work off the Mother's Day brunches..

5/14/09. THURSDAY, 7am & 9am . TRACK at COM.
Group members warmup at 7am and 9am in gravel parking lot of COM, run the bike path and then we hit the workout at 7:25am and 9:20am.
Groups A/B:
2 set of x 1000 (200), 200 (200)

2 sets of 600 (200), 200 (200)

2 sets of 400 (on 2', 2 1/2'), 200 (200)

C Group:
2 sets of 600 (200), 200 (200)
2 sets of 400 (on 3'), 200 (200)
1 x 800

5/16/09. SATURDAY, 8am. ED's TRACK SESSION. at Novato HS
Same workout at TH group; however B group members can do 1 rep / round of first set so you can keep emphasis on good pace with the shorter sets. We're still working to prepare for that MMD10K race on 5/25/09 in Kentfield. Next week Th will be last hardest workout before the race.

RESULTS: quite a fast race on Saturday at MARIN HUMAN RACE 5K
1. Terrence Bennet, 17:14
2. Jason Jacobson, 17:14 1 st 35+
3. Val Young, 17:33, 1st 40+ and 1st F
7. Manny Berston , 18:09 1st 40+
14. Lisa Clarke, 18:51, 2nd F 40+
25. Mike Holland, 20:07 1st 60+
1st 50-59, Stephen Kambur, 21:25
1st 70+ F: Joanne Kambur, 28:02
3rd 70+, Sue Garnett 47:21
80+ Sam Hirabayshi 29:02
2nd 80+ Dick Couvillion 33:40

Looks like our old place is open again now that the new tank is in. For new people: take Lucas Valley Rd exit, but go East towards McGinnis Park, it ends at entrance at the park; go left on road to small back gravel parking lot by the holding ponds and do warmup at 7am. Then go to base of hill by sewage treatment plant and ready to go with the hill repeats at 7:30am.

> Many of you are focused on the Dipsea course during May; I just have this hill repeat workout for those who want to do them if they can't get on the Dipsea and for those who need hill repeats for leg strength and improving their general running: it's still one of the best workouts to become a stronger runner.

5/17/09. SUNDAY..we'll see if a number are up for Dipsea run in evening, plus BBQ at Stinson.

TRAINING TIP for Dipsea:
> There's a tendency to cram now for the race with the result being somewhat "dead legs" and shin splints from overdoing it. Spread the hill workouts out; two solid hill sessions per week, an undulating milder long course for endurance and a tempo will be enough for most folks on modest mileage. Those rest /stretching/core days become just as important as the training.
Remember: the training provides the stimulus for change and improving fitness, but the physiological adaptations take place during the rest days! You overstress the program and you go stale and nagging injuries surface. Get in key quality workouts and one gentle distance run, make them count, but the rest days are just as important.

> It's you against the course!
Focus on improving the splits I listed below so you focus on your best time possible: you cannot worry about the other runners. you can have the satisfaction of attaining your best time by running the splits at your best effort. Get that "noise" out of your head. Check the splits and see the consequences to overall time if you do, for example, the downhill to Muir Woods too quickly, or take the stairs too fast.

> As you become older I'd just get the stairs in at controlled steady pace (wasn't it great to run up them all the way when we were younger!)Check that split: ; through the Flying Y (Walsh Drive) area, where it's wider; work on steady hard running and pass people. Recover in the short trail one mile section if stuck behind runners; then when the road opens up again, make the steady hard drive and pass people up to Windy Gap. Check split there.
Run fast with as little pounding down to Muir Woods (if you overdo the downhill, you'll have dead quads for the Dynamite and Hogsback). hit watch split right after you cross the creek in Muir Woods.
Check split at entrance to Rain Forest.
Check split at top of to improve those splits for the next two weeks.
Sunday, May 03, 2009
Week of 5/4/09: Workouts to check in on for this week...see how the group fared with Napa Tri, Wildflower Tri during the poor weather.. Sunday is Mother's Day: the Moms can choose what they want to do for workout, then brunch: their choice! We'll have Dipsea practice run for those who'd like to get that in with good weather; there is the TCRS #5 event also..see below.


> Last update on DISPSEA workout and who's going see below (7am, Sunday )

Half Ironman Distance:
ROSY CASTANEDA: 3rd in Div/18th F in 5:06:46
KEVIN PORTER, 25th in div/6:42:10

Olympic Distance:
DANIELLE CANE, 2nd 60-64 in 3:42:44.

NAPA TRIATHLON: at Lake Berryessa.
HOWARD LURIA placed first in his division and his wife, KAREN BEHNKE placed 2nd. I think it's a top husband/wife team scoring here! Great job on a windy day, you two!

Regarding results: I keep missing people results from those in our workout groups who run events, or I didn't know about it, or i couldn't find the site; so email them to me so can post them.

5/5/09. TUESDAY. 6:30am TEMPO from YMCA site. Be ready for rain!
This is more a mileage/exploring run of 8-10 miles with a new course each time!

5/5/09. TUESDAY. 9am HILL REPEAT group. DISPSEA course practice from MV to Stinson instead of RRG. We will meet at Old Mill Park. I'll drive over while Sandy drives one of the group's vehicles over also. Email me at to let me know if you want to run it and need a ride. If all of you decide that you want to do RRG instead, let me know that , but I think the Dipsea course may be more protected - and you can all use the course practice.
I'm suggesting that we have you do some repeats on the Hogsback; that is, after Dynamite push a little faster for 4 minutes, then jog back down the hill for an easy minute. Repeat some

5/7/09. THURSDAY. 7am and 9am. TRACK at COM. good weather day!
Big workout using a high number of 400's@ 10K pace: here's where accurate pacing pays off so one doesn't fade later. It will also feel "too easy" , at first; then the effort will accumulate because the rest interval is short. Just like in a race the effort should feel controlled, holding back in the first third of the race - so you don't fade later and can still pick up at the end. A full 10K is 25 laps on the track, I'm having you complete less for the basic practice. However, if you're still running well after the prescribed repeats, add a few more; otherwise, call it a day.

A group (those wanting to break 40:00, i.e. 6:25 pace; or 1:37's -400's) : 18 x 400 (on 2')
B Group (sub 7:30 pace): 16 x 400 (on 2:30)
C Group (8 pace or slower): 12 x 400 ( on 3')

5/9/09. SATURDAY. I'll be working MARIN HUMAN RACE 5K. that morning. 8:30am
If you haven't gotten in your 5K time trial, this race gives you a local venue, it's local right at Marin Civic Center Lagoon area, it's flat. I just repainted each half mile marker on Tuesday.
8:30am The Marin Human Race starts and finishes at Marin Center Fairgrounds. 5K course is FUN for everyone from the avid racer to walkers and rollers. Over a dozen local bands are placed around the race course to help keep spirits high and legs moving. Kids Races are free. The 50-yard, 100-yard, 200-meter and 400-meter dashes are open to children 12 and under. All participants receive a ribbon!
I haven't yet certified this course, but measured it according to standards, plus 10 feet. Once the course is finalized in design by the Center For Independent Living Skills will we certify it.

5/9/09. SATURDAY. 8am. ED's TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
A/B gps:
1 x 1200 (400) @ 10K pace
1 x 1000 (200) @ 10K pace
1 x 800 (on 4:30 /5') @ 5K pace
2 x 600 (200) faster than 5K pace
4 x 200 (200) @ 2M pace.

C gp:
1 x 800 ( on 5:30)
2 x 600 (200)
2 x 400 (on 3')
4 x 200 (200)

5/10/09. SUNDAY. 8:15am. DIPSEA PRACTIC RUN .
Meet at Old Mill Park, and you'll jog to clocktower downtown for the official start. I can take 8 in the van; if we have more coming I think Sandy will drive another car, if needed - if I take her out that night ( i have to be at work by 11am, so we'll go back after the run).
Let me know by email, or phone (595-1307 or home 472-7917) if you'd like a ride: , okay? We should have good weather. Bring small bag with change of clothes for after the run: you never know what the weather is like at Stinson.
So far: Trevor, Pam J, Jen, Sunny, PamB, are onboard.

5/10/09. SUNDAY. 9am. Loma Alta TCRS #5, 7.28 miles. In Fairfax.
(see for updates). Has one terrific climb in it!
From the trailhead, climb up Loma Alta (a climb of approximately 1352 feet in 3 miles)over the top to a turnaround past the gate, then run back to the start. Directions: West on Sir Francis Drake to west side of Fairfax and then go right on Glen Drive to the trailhead at the end of the road. Parking is limited. Contact Brad O’Brien ( for information.

PA/USATF 10K Championships will be our own MARIN MEMORIAL DAY RACES on 5/25/09
Here's where you run with your team to help score for the 10K Championships; if you are not running we can certainly use the volunteers that day!
Saturday, April 25, 2009
Week of 4/26/09. Workouts for this week, Dipsea training tips, changes in workouts
I will be back Tuesday night and present at TH track sessions - be ready for a good workout: ramping up for MMD10K and Dipsea.

Some of our group did the Long Course; the Olympic distance is Sunday:
ROSY CASTANEDA (26) placed 3rd in Div. and 18th F with a 5:06:46
KEVIN PORTER, (56), 25th div. in 6:42:10

> 4/28/09. TUESDAY. 6am & 6:30am. CHINA CAMP (Bucks Landing area).
faster group goes at 6am....2M warmup; then 3, 6 or 8M tempo at half marathon race pace.
(next TUESDAY we will do Dipsea course!)

4/28/09. TUESDAY 9am . HILL WORK. Tenn Valley group; meet at church parking lot/Community Ctr lot. ANA will be leading run past cemetery and for a longer uphill effort. A different workout while I'm out of town! Look for Linda Lindsay, she's planning on running with you all.

4/28/09. TUESDAY. 9am. HILL WORK/TEMPO. Ross Common with Kevin.
Next Tuesday, May 5 possible RRGrade run.

4/30/09. THURSDAY. 7am & 9am . TRACK at College of Marin.
A bit of emphasis on the longer intervals: strength for MMD 10K and pacing practice. We're trying to get a strong team turnout for this 10K Championships - it's right in our backyard. Note that this course is rated one of the top 10 fastest 10K courses in the country by Running Times! Back in 1989 we had the country's best showing by the women: 62 women under 40 minutes!

Now that you've run your 5K's; take your 5K race time, double it and add a minute = close to your 10K predicted time. We're going to work on that pacing, i.e. not go out too hard!
SUB 7:30 pace group, after usual warmup and strideouts:
2 x 400 (on 2' or 2:30);
2 x 200 (200)
2 x Mile at 10K Goal Pace (GP) with use of clock or watch (400 jog recovery)
2 x Mile at 10K GP without use of watch or clock!

NOVICE group:
2 x 600 (200)
4 x 400 (on 3')
4 x 200 (200)
1M @ 10K pace

5-2-09. SATURDAY. 8am ED's TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
Same workout as TH groups.

5-2-09. SATURDAY. 7:30am HILL REPEATS. Back at VILLA MARIN by request.
Warmup at 7am; be ready to go at 7:30am. We will do a total of 20 reps using one of our 4 workouts for this site. This hill is excellent for Dipsea training leg strength; it will be one of our last hill repeat sessions because the next Saturday I'm working Human Race. After that you should be working on the Dipsea course anyway! (I will include Dipsea training tips to do on the course)
1) 10 Burpees
2 x Half
1 x Short
1 x Sprint
1 x Long

2) 1 x 10 Lateral Hops ( hip stability)
2 x Sprint
1 x Long
2 x Short

3) 20 Jumping Jacks
1 x Half
2 x Short
2 x Sprint
1 x Long

4) 1 x 15 Mtn Climbers
1 x Half
2 x Sprint
1 x Long
1 x Half

> DIPSEA PRACTICE tip for those who cannot make the Hill Repeats on Sat:
If running to Cardiac and back. After crossing creek on way back, go across the parking lot and go left up the road you'd use to drive out of Muir Woods area, rather than going up Suicide Hill. You can now work a longer quality uphill tempo to the base of Windy Gap steps (about 11 minutes). Especially difficult after going downhill on Hogsback and Dynamite.

IF you haven't been doing your hill work during Jan, Feb and March, there's tendency to "cram" your training - with the resulting IT band, knee or shin problems from too much downhill. Substitute one or two days on the trail with uphill TREADMILL running: quality simulation of Dynamite and Hogsback to Cardiac, BUT without the downhill damage! Simulate the course after the warmup:
5-6' @ 10% grade for Dynamite
12-14' @ 8% grade for Hogsback
6' @ 5-8% grade for Rain Forest
4' @ 15% grade for Cardiac
The TM is a very effective tool to build uphill fitness for 3.5M of Dipsea uphill - and save your joints a bit. Of course, to do well in Dipsea you must have good downhill running ability , but at least you can get fit and avoid lower leg injuries.
Monday, April 20, 2009
Week of 4-20-09. Workouts, results to be posted (check site for Zippy's 5K results: we had many teams filling the age groups, but results aren't up yet). Check in on this site for last minute info on our workouts and other items. For example,

> Four TH night KETTLEBELL Basic Training sessions at Nautilus of Marin, Sausalito. Can be a $100 package or by individual sessions. Go to for more info on the seminar session. I think it's $100 or $120 for the 4 sessions; i'm going to see if I can make this series to learn the basic kettlebell lifts properly.

> I can only find BOSTON MARATHON on site for live coverage. Wow! Absolutely brutal last 10K for the top 3 women with 1st and 2nd place a step apart: Kenya-Ethiopa, then 8" later American Kara Goucher in 3rd. With the men's race Ryan Hall got 3rd place also. Some of our group ran Boston also:
JERI HOWLAND, ran 3:31:25 w/overal 7689/1360/17th div.
CAROLYN HUTCHINS ran 3:36:05 with overal 9067/1942F/119th Div

> RESULTS: MARIN HALF MARATHON (4/19/09) Warm day. Course is half paved/half trail.
W 40-49:
BETH FREEDMAN was 9th F and 4th in div. in 1:44:08 (actually faster, but her chip didn't work; they had to bring it back out and run it over the mat.)
W 50-59
66/1st. JEANIE SAWAYA in 1:50:04
160/3rd EVE KUHLMAN in 2:00:15

M 40-49
92/17th. DAVE CHAMPAGNE 1:53:29

M 50+ in 10K
109/6th DAVE SAWAYA in 60:09.

What a terrific Tamalpa turnout for this 5K. Kind of fun to join in on some team running and support.
Some ZIPPY's Results:
Here are some Masters numbers to report, most notably VAL YOUNG's AMAZING WIN of this year's ZIPPY!!! Way to go Val!
Val Young 17:30/1st Place
Tanya Fredricks 19:01/18th Place
Liz Shortino 20:06/40th Place
Julie Nacco 20:38/53rd Place
Michelle Wilcox 20:46/58th Place
Christine Heilmann 20:48/59th Place
Leigh Kenny 20:48/60th Place
Tamara Gonzalez 21:11/66th Place
Anna Slattery 21:55/75th Place
Alice Miller 29:04/146th Place

> ANN CHARLTONand her boys did well at bike race at SEA OTTER CLASSIC I'll bet you didn't know she has a strong biking background!), which was conducted over 14 miles of gnarly mountain bike terrain including sand on the downhills.

> I will not be here for the workouts next Tuesday, 4/28: we're celebrating Sandy's B-Day in Santa Cruz area with Sister Marion and family..But you will be meeting at Church parking lot and Ana will take the group through the cemetery and then up the hill plus more.

4/21/09. TUESDAY. 6:30am. TEMPO at 6:30am at YMCA site.
Variety of distances and more of an exploratory/mileage run with some tempo thrown in.

4/21/09. TUESDAY. 9am. HILL REPEATS. meet at Tenn. Valley church parking lot.

4/21/09. TUESDAY. 9am. HILL RUN and TEMPO. From Ross Common with Kevin? (we'll double check on this, if he will be there).

4/23/09. THURSDAY. 7am & 9am. TRACK at COM. NOTE that there is group running track at 6:30am also; i'll have workout posted. A number of you have to go a bit earlier to deal with getting kids to school and earlier work schedule, so this is working well for that group.
6:30am gp: (doing longer intervals so Tom Hale doesn't get hurt...)
2 x 400 (on 2') ..not too hard: just a good strideout to get things rolling;
1 x 600 (200)
4 x 800 (200) at 5K goal pace;
1 x 1000 (200)

7am & 9am group:
2 x 400 (on 2', 2 1/2')
2 x 600 (200)..just under 5K pace
1 x 1000 (200) 5K pace only
6 x 200 (200) at 1M race pace max: don't want to pull a hamstring, so keep it under control and go for the reps to develop the neuromuscular coordination for rapid turnover.

TIP for extra strength work for Dipsea:
On the Thursdays we have SALMON RUNS, try getting in the am track work with controlled pace; then do the Salmon run in evening. It will feel like you have somewhat "dead legs", but you'll learn to run with tired legs and pace the course better. Then when you run in the am on the weekend it's like you have extra energy and spring in thos legs: "Happy legs!".

> Same can be done when running Saturday hill repeats; then Sunday Dipsea - all good training for the big day.

4/25/09. SATURDAY. 7:30am. HILL REPEATS on DIPSEA course at WALSH Drive.
Do your warmup at 7am; be ready to go at 7:30. We will be adding a few more reps, plus go down to road to Muir Woods road and back up Windy Gap as part of the workout.
Request: email if some of you would like to see me alternate the Villa Marin site for hill work and the Walsh Drive location? I realize it is a closer location for a number of you.
I can also simply write up the hill repeat workouts we've been doing at Villa Marin site: we rotate four key workouts.

4/25/09. SATURDAY. 8am. ED'S TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
(same as 7am & 9am group workout)
Sunday, April 12, 2009
Week of 4/13/09. Workouts for this week: to be updated in stages...Remember Zippy's 5K is on Sunday (see 4/19/09) date abut carpooling; note from Frank) .... Tamalpa Summer Youth Running Program... Human Race 5K on Mother's Day weekend at Civic Center...

> FLASH! Just heard that KEVIN PORTER, got into HAWAII IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS by lottery for this October 10th! Congrats Kevin. Now the homework starts

> Note that the marathon portion of the Marin Marathon (4-19-09) has been cancelled..So we should have a solid half marathon, 10K and Kids Races this Sunday.

> I have Paris Marathon (4-5-09) taped for Sarah to see upon her return: unbelievable depth in the top 15 finishers and young male/female winners (23 & 21 years). The turnover of a very large men's lead pack for so many miles was remarkable (about 4:48/mile).

> "Rod Dixon 1983 NY Marathon Finish" on YouTube was one of the most exciting come- from -behind- finishes ever. This clip captures some of the drama, but to see the race unfold from mile 10 on, in the rain, was quite the story, showing how Dixon never gave up on his chase and chance to win...take a look.

4/14/09. TUESDAY. 6:30am. TEMPO at CHINA CAMP. (just past Buck's Landing area).
note the early faster group of Brad, Jason, Jed? start at 6am.

4/14/09. TUESDAY 9am. HILL REPEATS. Tenn Valley group. Remember to use the church parking lot and little community parking lot.

4/16/09. THURSDAY. 7am & 9am. TRACK at COM.
After usual preliminary 1.5M run and dynamic warm drills:
A/B groups do two sets of:
600 (200) at just faster than 5K pace
800 (on 4:30/5') at 5K pace
1000 (200) 5K pace

C group: two sets of:

400 (on 3'), 600(200) , 800 (on 6')

4/18/09. SATURDAY. 8am. ED's TRACK SESSION at Novato HS

Same workout as TH group

4/18/09. SATURDAY. 7:30am. HILL REPEATS at Walsh Drive (after Dipsea Steps). SESSION IS ON! I was going to cancel this week's session due to Zippy's 5K in GG Park and is also the 5K Championships and Marin Half Marathon; both on 4/19.

IF you are NOT doing either race and will want to do Hill Repeats let me know and I'll repeat last week's session (13-14 repeats total). Email me at to confirm. Otherwise do: Dipsea course to top of Dynamite; then back down to bottom of Dynamite and run that hill again. Then run back to start.

4/19/09. SUNDAY.

ZIPPY'S 5K: support the teams and get in your 5K time trial on a fast course. CARPOOL at 6:45am: Tamalpa Runners will meet at PEETS COFFE just off south side of Tamalpais Drive in Corte Madera (within first half mile after exiting freeway. ) Here is not from Frank:
10th Annual Zippy 5K Run, Sunday, April 19, 2009-Women- 8:30AM; Men 9:15AM. 2009 PA/USATF ROAD RACE GRAND PRIX RACE. Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco-East end of Golden Gate Park.

zippedeedoodah... Race starts at 8:30 am for women. There will be a carpool from Peets Coffee Corte Madera (park on the street) meeting at 6:50 am - early yes, but this allows us 1/2 hour to get there; pick up numbers / register and warm up. (Btw some racers are leaving even earlier!)I think there will be bagels and coffee at the race for Tamalpans. For those who haven't raced this before the first and last mile are fairly flat and the second mile is hilly around Stow Lake. After racing we can cheer on our guys while we cool down.Wear your new uniform if you have it otherwise make sure you have a Tamalpa top. For men who want to leave later for the race, there will be a carpool leaving Larkspur landing at 7:30 a.m. We will meet in front fo the Marin Brewing Company!


NOTE: keep in mind the HUMAN RACE 5K on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend: flat and fast. (you get to do what YOU want on that weekend, no?)


I'll be working at 1.5M aid station and helping with parking earl am.


The dates are all set for the Tamalpa Summer Youth Running Program. This year, we will have drop-in rates and a full camp rate (for the entire session). We have expanded the dates and are accepting applications now.
For those who are teachers and coaches on this list, if you can distribute to other parents, that would be greatly appreciated.
Susie Van Buskirk and I would like to grow this program back up and get kids "Up & Running!" It is a fantastic late afternoon session and the kids (and parents) always get a lot out of it! For kids of all abilities -- NOT just runners as the sessions translate to all sports.
Full information with flyer here:
Additionally, you will see on the website the ONE MILE run races for kids on Sunday, June 7 in downtown San Rafael and Saturday, July 4 in Novato.

JASON JACOBSON (coach of San Rafael HS XC Runners)

Sunday, April 05, 2009
Week of 4/6/09. Workouts, results, change in hill repeats, countdown to Zippy's 5K on 4/19; change for Marin Marathon.

> MARIN MARATHON'S (4/19/09) race director, MARK LIEBERT, informed me that the full will be two loops of the half marathon course (see I'll be volunteering that morning; while many of you will be racing Zippy's 5K for team scoring. Someone will have to take photos of the group after the race...two heats: men and women's.

>SARAH MCMOYLER, just sent a note to me after completing the PARIS MARATHON on Sunday. She hadn't run a step three weeks prior to the race, but cross trained up to race day - and got through it in 4:37. During the run she fell twice; we're not sure how, but there were 37,000 runners in the event! She was quite the trooper running with bruised knees and hurt chest. Way to go Sarah! We'll hear about the run when you return.
The Paris Marathon posted some incredible times: winning time was 2:05:47 by, guess who? A Kenyan! There were 6 under 2:07; 12 under 2:10, 16 under 2:11 (5 minute pace): the best times for places 7 through twelve. Can you imagine running a 2:09 coming in 12th? Winning women's time was 2:24:42; 6 under 2:30; 12 under 2:40.
There must have been some 60,000+ runners when one includes the half marathon!

> Triathlon season gets going for some of the group members early. SHARI TRACY, participated in the very competitive IRONMAN 70.3 California,, Oceanside, CA. (1.2mS-56mB13.1mR) held at Camp Pendleton which makes for a unique site. Turns out the course is tough (Carolyn Hutchins has done it last year or so): has a hilly bike portion, a multiple out/back run course that had about a 1/4m section of sand! Add big wind on race day and you have one tough triathlon on your hands. She did an excellent 29:22-3:07:01-1:50 for a 5:34:13 total and 17th in age division. It's one of these kinds of courses where the times are only singificant to THAT course. Shari did learn that the top women put in a number of hours more than she was doing; she decided that sticking with the Olympic distance triathlon would be best when time for training is an issue...
> I know that I still haven't put up the Across The Bay 12K results, but to see how our group did for Tamalpa in all team categories, check out for all your results. I ran out of time...

> This Saturday, HILL REPEATS move to Walsh Drive-just past the Dipsea steps.

> New TRAIL SHOES at Arch Rival - perfect for upcmoing Dipsea.

> NEW PATAGONIA, casual, sandals and shoes. $69.95 - $84.95.

4/7/09. TUESDAY. 6:30am TEMPO at YMCA.
Note that this run has become more of an exploratory good mileage run with a new route each week with some tempo included.

4/7/09. TUESDAY. 9am. TEMPO for Tenn Valley group.
Meet at Church parking lot, across from the fruit stand truck and some park in Community Center lot. We'll warmup with a easy run to the north end of the Mill Valley bike path, then do3-4 miles of tempo at 10M race pace. This will be in prep for Zippy's 5K on 4/19/09.

4/9/09. THURSDAY. 7am & 9am. TRACK at COM.
After the usual warmup and stridouts, a quality track session in prep for Zippy's 5K
A group: 13 x 400 (on 2') @ just faster 5K pace
( Do the 3rd, 6th, 9th 400's at an uncomfortably faster pace. this to get you out of doing the 400's at the "same old pace" and to better simulate race effort.
B group: 12 x 400 (2:30)
( do 4,6,8th 400's faster)
C group: 8 x 400 ( on 3')

4/11/09. SATURDAY. 8am. ED'S TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
Same workout as for Thursday group.

4/12/09. SATURDAY 7:30am. HILL REPEATS + xtra running specific exercises. Meet on Dipsea course, past Dipsea steps on Walsh Drive. Now we work the course with some new twists.
Meet about 7am to do warmup run; be ready to go at 7:30am for hill intervals on the Dipsea course.

ARCH RIVAL: Dipsea is coming; check out our new Trail Shoes:
If you have narrow feet check out the NB 904 trail shoes: light and snug!
The NB 875 comes in widths and has an aggressive tread...
We still have the very lightweight NB 800's & NB 840's with pronounced tread for secure grip on those downhills.
Montrail's "Hard Rock" trail shoe has rock protection under the forefoot.

Monday, March 30, 2009
Week of 3/30/09. Workouts..

> I will do one more Saturday workout at our Villa Marin hill site, then move it to Walsh Drive - on the Dipsea course by April 11th. But I do like this Villa Marin hill to prepare the legs for the actual trail practice. It lasts for 30-35 minutes, plus your warmup and cooldown mileage. This is the time to push the leg strength and leg muscle endurance training.

> MARIN MEMORIAL DAY RACES is listed in the latest Running Times magazine as one of the nation's top 10 fastest 10K courses! (28:45 time by Phillimon Hanneck). It also has the record for the most women under 40 minutes in the country set in 1989 with 62 women beating the mark!

PRESIDIO 10M last weekend:
JEANIE SAWAYA, 175th place/2nd in 50+ div. in 1:20:53 more importantly she bettered her time over the same course by 6 minutes. My goal is to help each of you reach your best times on at the events you select. It's a satisfying
RUSS KIERNAN, 95th/2nd in 70+ div. in 1:15:15

> KEVIN PORTER and DAVE CHAMPAGNE will be running Amercian River 50M on Saturday, 3/4/09. That includes a 3:30am shuttle to the start, the race and then Kevin will play at the Saturday night session of Wicked!

3/31/09. TUESDAY. 6:30am TEMPO . China Camp. hotshot group at 6am.

3/31/09. TUESDAY. 9am group. (Tenn Valley gp)..Today RAILROAD GRADE 8miles as voted on by the group....Meet by Fire/Police Station in Mill Valley on Corte Madera Ave near Mill Valley Market. Bring small duffel bag of change of shirt, any warm clothing (should be nice day, but be ready for weather on top). Let me know if you need ride down freom top. count on running time from 1:15 to 1:40. I bring you back down ($5 for ride) to Mill Valley.
A great training run for anyone doing trails or roads-and we have a great view from top!

4/2/09. THURSDAY. 7am & 9am. TRACK at COM\
4 x 100 (100)
2 x 150 (50)
2 x 200 (200)

5 x 600 (200)
(do the 2nd/4th 600 faster)
1 x Mile with negative splits

4/4/09. SATURDAY 8am ED'S TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
after usual strideouts and warmup:
6 x 600 (200)
(do 3rd/5th 600 faster)
1 x 1000 with negative splits.

4/4/09. SATURDAY. 7:30am HILL REPEATS/Run focused exercises
Workout "A":
1) 1 x 10 "BURPEES" w/ leg scissors
1 x Half
2 x Short
1 x Sprint

2) 1 x 8 Right & Left "CORKSCREWS" w/grip plates or KB
1 x Long
1 x Short
2 x Sprint

3) 1 x 12 "BOX JUMPS"
2 x Short
1 x Half
1 x Sprint

4) 1 x 20 "JUMPING JACKS"
3 x Sprint
1 x Half

more to come..
Sunday, March 22, 2009
Week of 3/23/09. Workouts for this week. Looks like good weather!

Arch Rival NEW trail and road shoes, and SALE SHOES (see below). Good selection for racing Dipsea too.

> There's quite a bit happening this weekend; I'll update later, so keep checking as I update through tonight...I often do last minute updates on the blog rather than emailing folks to save time! (I'm a bit short on time getting my Dad ready for his visit to Holland next Tuesday and moving him to a new residence) .

> VOLUNTEERS needed for MARIN MARATHON (4/19/09). Race Director Mark Liebert will welcome much needed help to cover those 26 and 13.1 mile courses with monitors and aid stations. Go to and click on "Volunteers" section to contact the organizers.

> See Sunday's info below for CHI RUNNING Workshop at COM track, 9am - 1pm by Hazel wood. Excellent for getting running form learned correctly.

> Cynthia and group will do long run of 20M from YMCA on Saturday at 7:30am ; a course I've used for years that mixes pavement and dirt and centrally located. Can do half marathon also. (see below)

> Training for Middle and High School Athletes:
I have Warren Lanier and Sean Phillips, both excellent trainers for soccer, running- and track and field events. Give your kids excellent training for speed, balanced training, power , speed, agility, flexibility, coordination and more. The "How To" of conditioning. They know their stuff and make it fun for the youth - and adults. So those of you who have been looking for help in these areas, here's the resource. Warren: 858/342-1541, Sean: 415/225-5042.

> Our next race for the Tamalpans and our TuTh groups to focus on will be ZIPPY'S 5K (4-19-09) in Golden Gate Park. There will be separate races for men (8:30am) and women (9:15am) which will be run over a fast course. This will give many of you your baseline 5K time which will help you determine your speedwork and potential times for 10K and half marathon. Racing a 5K will teach you HOW to race: do a good time for 5K and I'll guarantee you a PR for the 10K and half marathon.
Then the next team scoring 10K will be with the MARIN MEMORIAL DAY RACES on Memorial Day.

3/24/09. Tuesday. 6:30am. TEMPO..from YMCA site.

3/24/09. TUESDAY. 9am HILL REPEATS/TEMPO. Meet at inner parking lot at TENN Valley hiking area. We'll get some Marincello repeats in and out/back tempo...

3/26/09. THURSDAY 7am & 9am. TRACK at COM.
After usual warmup and stridouts:
A/B groups:
2 x 1200 (400)
1 x 1000 (200)
2 x 600 (200)

C group:
1000 (200)
2 x 600 (200)
2 x 400 (on 3')
2 x 200 (200)

Meet at "Villa Marin" on the west side of NGate Shopping Center. Have warmup completed by 7:30am and be ready to go for a solid half hour of hill repeats mixedin with running related exercises..Later next month we move the training to Walsh Drive on the dipsea course; meanwhile this hill is ideal for getting your legs strong for the Dipsea course; dont wait until the last minute to get going on this. These workouts are done in 35 minutes or less a bit intense (or as much as you want to make it), but get the job done.

1) 1 x 15 "MTN CLIMBERS"
2 x Short
1 x Long
1 x Sprint

2) 1 x 12 reps of OVERHEAD SQUATS w/ weighted bar or bands for flexibility, core.
1 x Half
1 x Short
2 x SprintItalic

3) 1 x 60" PLANK Hold horizontal body poition
2 x Short
1 x Half
1 x Long

4) 1x 10 Step out LUNGES w/ light weight
2 x Sprint
1 x Short
1 x Long

Finish the session with light KB "Snatch Squats" and Resistance Bands overhead squats

3/28/09. SATURDAY 8am ED's TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
more to come..same as TH group. ...emphasis is on the longer intervals this time. We're also building towards the Zippy's 5K held on 4/19/09.

3/29/09. CHI RUNNING WORKSHOP at College of Marin, 9-1 by Hazel Wood for our group members and any other runners interested in learning basic, proper running technique for the flat, uphill, downhill and posture, also videotaping. cost is special for $110. contact Jen Lanciault for more info at: or Hazel at

3/28/09. Saturday, 7:30am. Cynthia Watson will be running an easy pace 20 miler starting and ending at YMCA for those others who want to join in. or 686-2336. Note: to do half marathon can meet at 9am at south end of Shoreline Trail of China Camp (Peacock Gap end; half mile north of Biscayne Drive). That way you get 5.5M of trail that comes out at the CCamp kiosk, then it's road to Civic Center, past the Lagoon and back to YMCA.

ARCH RIVAL. Sale Shoes, new shoes:
More trail shoes coming now as Dipsea season approaches:
NEW! M/W NB 875 trail shoes ($99.95) lightweight and flexible
NEW! W NB 907 trail shoes (114.95)
NEW! M MONTRAIL HARDROCK trail shoe ($99.95) for long distance trail
NEW! M/W NB 840 ($79.95) trail racing shoes; lightweight, good grip
NEW! M/W Saucony GRID STABIL ($114.95) new design -for the better, great motion control
NEW! W NB 1063 ($104.95)- cushion/neutral by NBalance that has the Vomero by Nike as its counterpart, but more "beefy".

SALE! Montrail Continental Divide ($69.95)..light, but very supportive
SALE! Brooks CASCADIA ($79.95)
SALE! NB 800 ($69.95) was successful for many runners for racing Dipsea because very light but still had good traction and enough cushion for downhill
SALE! Saucony GRID STABIL ($69.95)
SALE! ASICS 2130 for M/W; and ADRENALINE's GTS for women ($69.95)
Monday, March 16, 2009
Week of 3/16/09....we leave from Maui in two doing short update for now...I will be writing our Haleakala adventure for the Gazette...This was the wildest weather for this 36M ultra in 24 years! Absolutely fierce, cold, hypothermic from 8,000 feet on up but our group really toughed it out....Vicki deMenno placed 3rd in her 40-49 age group and Gayle Shimokaji placed 1st in 50-59; don't know placement of Kevin Porter and organizer Dave Champagne yet: the focus of the organizers was to get runners off that mountain safely!. Times don't mean much as the course was shortened to 34M due to almost life threatening conditions on much for the "Run To The Sun" this year: anything but sunny on top. What an experience and I was glad I had the support vehicle for this one! Those of you who ran it last year had it easy in comparison. more to come.
(Story will be in GAzette)

3/17/09 TUESDAY, 6:30am TEMPO at China Camp site, but more specifically just past Buck's Landing at dirt pull-off area...don't count on me being there, I'll see how I'm doing in am, but will be at 9m gp.

3/17/09. TUESDAY 9am gp. HILL REPEATS/TEMPO from Church parking lot at Tenn Valley and 6 in dirt parking lot by community center 100 yds down the road, okay?

3/17/09. TUESDAY 9am ROSS COMMON gp with Kevin for an easy run, in Water District if he's doing okay. He was fine for the Run To The Sun, thanks to Dr. Hlavac's shoe adjustment, so he should be there.

3/19/09. THURSDAY. 7am & 9am TRACK at COM.
after usual warmup:
400 (on 2', 2 1/2')
600 (200)
800 (on 4:30, 5')
1000 (200)
600 (200)
2 x 400 (on 2', 2 1/2')
2 x 200 (200)

3/21/09. SATURDAY. 8am ED's TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
same as TH group it's a long ladder, but pace it correctly and you'll be fine...

3/21/09. SATURDAY. 7:30am Kees's HILL REPEATS/Running oriented exercises.
We meet by west side of Northgate Shopping Center at base of Villa Marin driveway/road entrance; park along Northgate Drive near entrance to hill. do warmup at 7am.
We do Workout #C
> This has been our best hill repeat as we prepare for Dipsea and other races. We mix up a Sprint, Short, Half and Full length hills with the goal of finishing the workout within 35 minutes or less.
> This workout is improtant for leg strength, hip stability, Achilles, calves so as to avoid injuries and improve your hill running/fitness.
> Running with others on quality workouts such as these makes it more productive and fun plus you get some instruction on key lifts, another core program and stretching.

3/22/09. SUNDAY. Check on TCRS run ; on the hills behind Terra Linda HS. see:
Sunday, March 08, 2009
Week of 3/9/09. Workouts; schedule while I'm gone for 4 days; RESULTS of 10 Miler; What a full weekend!, "Run To The Sun" on 3/13/09, hill repeats, (3/13); Across The Bay 12K,Dr. Elmo on 3/14/09; Twilight Relays on 3/14/09.

Requests for DIPSEA signups is done at mid-month and no sooner

> RESULTS: Tamalpa's racing teams started the year off well in Redding with the NorCal 10 miler: Apparently, the 40+ women won the team title (not sure yet):
40-44 : 2nd Liz Shortino 1:10:02, 5th- Tracy McCarthy 1:12:59, 6th-Julie Nacco 1:14:13, 7th Beth Freedman- 1:17:32
45-49: 2nd Leigh Kenny- 1:14:07, 3rd - Carolyn Hutchins 1: 15:22. Apparently the men's Senior teams would have placed ,but lacked sufficient number of team members: doesn't count in team points! Shows you once again, that just fielding a full team can mean placing! Let's focus on Across The Bay 12K on the 14th. (see for photo and more results)

COMING UP This weekend:
> 3/14/09
> 3/14/09: Dr. Elmo on 3/14/09, 7pm at The Acoustic Vortex, 82 Corte Del Coronado, Larkspur. Wine/appetizers/desserts/schmoozing provided at 7pm, ; show at 8pm and will also feature Matt Jaffe, 14 year old guitar phenom..must RSVP to : because it will fill.

> 3/14/09. TWILIGHT RELAYS, 4:30pm at San Rafael HS organized by our own Jason Jacobson : see . Features 30 schools, 500 athletes of one relay after another1 all for $5 that goes to the school programs. These relays are entertaining and they keep it moving! Jason can always use helpers, see his website.

3/14/09 ACROSS THE BAY ...more to come...this is the focus race this month. If want to wish you all good luck and that our Tamalpa teams are filled. Should be a good day for the race..

3/10/09. TUESDAY. 6:30am. TEMPO. YMCA site.

3/10/09. TUESDAY, 9am. HILL REPEATS, Tenn Valley group.
Parking modification: To not overcrowd the church lot, let's have 6 cars in the community lot and the rest in the Church parking lot (the owners need the parking slots on the near side). I'll be at Church parking lot so we can learn our new exercises each week: this time it's "hip hikes" for hip stability and KB "swing".

3/12/09. THURSDAY , Kees, Dave, Vicki leave for Haleakala and "Run To theSun".

3/12/09 THURSDAY. 7am & 9am TRACK at COM.
I'll be out, but Mike H can lead the workout which will be a taper for "Across TheBay 12K": a sharp, but low volume workout so you finish with fast legs and wanting to do more.
there will be no display clock so bring your wristwatch
4 x 100 (100)
2 x 150 (50)
2 x 200 (200)

A/B gps: 8 x 400 (on 2', 2 1/2')
C gp: 6 x 400 (on 3')

Those not racing on Sunday:
A/B gps: do 12 x 400 (on 2', 2 1/2')
C gp: 8 x 400 (on 3')

3/14/09. SATURDAY, 8am. ED's TRACK SESSION at NovatoHS
Same workout as Thursday group: prep for Across The Bay 12k...

3/15/09. SATURDAY.7:30am HILL REPEATS at "Villa Marin"
On backside of NGate Shopping Center,west side; park along the road and do warmup at 7am.
You'll be doing the hill repeats without the exercises. Of course, those of you running Sunday's race will not be doing today's workout.
1) 1 x Half
2 x Short
1 x Sprint

2) 1 x Long
1 x Short
2 x Sprint

3) 2 x Short
1 x Half
1 x Sprint

4) 3 x Sprint
2 x Half

3/15/09. Across The Bay 12K.....(see Check out the history of the event by Dave RHody : he writes how he and I started this event as "Houlihan's to Houlihan's" race years ago...Remember that we're trying to get as many members of the groups into the race as Tamalpans and with your PA/USATF card: that makes the scoring count. It's happened numerous times that we'd have two hotshots on the team, but lost the title because we were one team member short that we lost the division! Everybody counts.

Sunday, March 01, 2009
Week of 3/2/09. Workouts, special workouts, Marin Marathon 10K week's program, what's new at Arch Rival, KB class session. Also taper weekend for those running Haleakala (see Sat/Sun below)

NOTE: this Saturday night is Daylight Savings Time change: we lose an hour!

>MARCH 20th. FRIDAY 9am gp membersk; be sure to mark down March 20th down to hear story SISTER MARION IRVINE, from novice runner to Olympic Trials. Tim Amyx will be taping it for posterity..Marion was the oldest person at the Marathon Trals and gives a very entertaining talk.

> I'll be gone to Haleakala from TH 3/12 - Mon 3/16 to help support our group up that volcano!

3/3/09. TUESDAY, 6:30am TEMPO at CHINA CAMP area, just past Buck's Landing spot at pull-off dirt area on the flat.

3/3/09. TUESDAY, 9am MILEAGE run in Water District with Hill Repeats/tempo. Meet at Ross Common. Kevin will take you for 7-9 miles.

3/3/09. TUESDAY, 9am. HILL REPEATS/TEMPO at Tenn Valley area. MOVING parking/meeting place about 100 yds past church parking lot to Community Center gravel small lot on right (where portable is located). I think that after last week's turnout the church group owners will want their parking spaces, so we'll try this site.

3/5/09. THURSDAY 7am & 9am. TRACK at COM...bit of a different workout
After usual warm-up we'll have you partner up with similar pace runner and do 4 x 800 meter relay w/ exercises in between:

1st runner runs an 800; while on lap 2, partner does 1 x 12 "Lateral Bounds". When runner finishes 2nd lap, they tag off and 2nd runner does the 800 and partner does Lateral Bounds

2nd 800: 1 x10 "Prisoner Squats"

3rd 800: 1 x20 "Jumping Jacks"

4th 800; 1 x 10 "Burpees"

3/7/09. SATURDAY. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME change late in evening: clocks set forward one hour!

3/7/09. SATURDAY. 8am ED'S TRACK SESSION at Novato HS.
Similar to Th group workout except but with 400's and fewer exercises, i.e. one after each 2nd 400:
4 x 100 (100)
2 x 150 (50)
2 x 200 (200)
1 x 600 (200) ..then , with similar pace partners:

1st runner does 400, then tags off to relay partner who does 400
1st runner does 2nd 400 then tags off to partner and while the partner is doing their 400 does1x 10 "Burpees" (Karen's favorite);

2nd set of two 400's the exercise is 1 x 10 "Prisoner Squats"

3rd set of 2 x 400's the exercise is 1 x 15 " Jumping Jacks"

4th set of 2 x 400...that's it! One thing to watch for is the pace on the 400's : don't blast them too fast because the exercises are going to keept hat heart rate up also so recovery between 400's is tough.

3/7/09. SATURDAY 7:30am HILL REPEATS. NEW Routine coming!
Haleakala group can do a Sat /Sun run and even join in on our hill repeats at "Villa Marin " site behind NGate Shopping Center followed by run after. (do a solid 45' before the hill repeats). Then Sunday do 12M.
WORKOUT "B" this week w/ emphasis on "half" hill:
1) 1 x 12 Grip Plate or KB Swings:
1 Long
1 Short
1 Sprint
1 Half

2) 1 x 10 R/L Crossover Step-ups or Jumping Split Squats
2 x Sprint
1 x Half
1 x Short

3) Grip Plate or Med Ball Pike ups 1 x 15:
2 x Short
1 x Sprint
1 x Half

4) 1 x 12 Burpees
2 x Half
2 x Sprint
1 x Long

Special Class if the time slot can work for you: (tell the instructor you with my group)

3/7/09. SATURDAY, 2:30pm -5pm. KBell training seminar at Nautilus of Marin. See: $65. Learn the basics by certified Russian trained instructor: good basics with the kettlebells: KB swing, Turkish Getup, clean and press, etc.
Tthat it's local makes it easier to attend. For further sessions I have another contact we can use in addition to what I'll be taking you through.

3/8/09 SUNDAY. 7:30am. Well, so far we've had to change the workout due to illnesses and injuries: So the Haleakala group can do 7-8 miles on Saturday, or meet me for the Sat. am Hill Repeats at 7:30am preceded by a good solid 40 minute run, and cooldown run afterwards.

Sunday we have tentatively planned a RRGrade run at 8am (later , due to Daylight Savings) so I can still get to work...Any others who want to join in please let me know ( so I have a head count for the van ride back down from the top of Mt.Tam($5). Iknow some of you want to extend the run and run the trails back down, which is fine. Coming so far: Ann C., Jeannie, Margaret, Judith, Vicki, Gayle S,

Mon: Rest day

Tue: 40' with rolling to hilly terrain; about 4-5M

Wed: Rest/Core/Stretching emphasis day, can do Treadmill warmup of about 2M.

TH: Track day for pacing. Do 1.5M warmup, then at track do pickups on the straight sections of the oval; recovery jog on the full curve: do 4 times.
then 2 x half lap, i.e. 200 as a strideout with 200 recovery (200).
Either do our 7am or 9am sessions at College of Marin or do :
4 x 800 (that's 2 laps at 10K race pace) with half lap (200) jog recovery.
Follow session with an easy mile, then stretch before leaving.

Friday: Easy 2M , gym core work and stretching

Sat: 30' rolling terrain , preferably on dirt; do the Shoreline Trail course at China Camp

Sun: 55' longer run taking 30" walk breaks if needed about 6M.


NEW! Women's NB 1063 Cushion shoe.
> NEW! Men's MONTRAIL "Hard Rock" ($99.95) trail shoes are now in. This is firm, but flexible; I'd like to get the feedback on this model: used by ultra runners.
> NEW! Women's Blur SL by VASQUE ($99.95) for trail hiking/running
> NEW! UNDER ARMOUR road and trail shoes:their first shot at running shoes . We also carry their CROSS TRAINERS for men and women.
> NEW!Kids VASQUE "Velocity" trail running/hiker ($54.95

> SALE women's ASICS 2130's and BROOKS "Adrenaline" for $69.95 & $74.95.
> SALE MBT shoes ($160) and more for the regular selection ($250): the shoes with the rocker bottoms that re-align your posture, help with back and feet issues, and excellent for those who must stand-especially on a hard surface.

> Cary has a variety of apparel on the men and women's SALE racks, plus new lines! > Waterproof, SUGOI's "Hydrolyte" jacket which is like a light shirt, but waterproof; very practical and easy to run with...very handy for the next couple of weeks! Not cheap ($120) but works.
> in Spring we will have CHACO Sandals coming in to Bon Air store. They are very supportive!

Coach Kees Tuinzing shares fitness tips, schedules for training runs and other helpful information for runners, triathletes and anyone else wanting to have fun while getting some exercise.

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